Baked Egg in a Bacon Cup

Baked Egg in Bacon Cup

This is not one of my everyday cooking…..but it did give me immense satisfaction to see the kids enjoy.

Ingredients: depends on how many cups you need
4 slices bacon (cooked)
4 eggs
4 bread slices
Pepper and salt
4 tsp any grated cheese

Cut rounds of bread slices to fit in the muffin pan.
Lightly grease the muffin pans and place one bread slice each. Add 1 tsp cheese on top of each bread slice.
Place one slice bacon around the sides of the pan.
Carefully break an egg into each pan.
Sprinkle pepper and salt.
Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees C for 10-15 mins.
You can top the eggs with additional cheese if you wish.

Its an eye-pleaseing appetizer in a gathering, but you have to make it just before you serve.
Cook few extra bacon strips till crispy. Crumble and store in the fridge. Sprinkle little on top of eggs or pizzas to get a different taste.

Baked Egg in Bacon Cup


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