Jelly Squares

Jello 1

Serve these jello next time you have a gathering and trust me….kids will be so happy.

This makes a large quantity. You can half the recipe by making half of the condensed milk mixture (white jelly). The rest remains same.

Jelly Squares
from The Food Librarian

1 packet strawberry jello (red)
1 packet key lime jello (green)
1 packet mango jello (yellow) (I used only red and green this time)
2 tbsp Gelatin
1 tin condensed milk (397 gms)
5 cups Water

Dissolve each jello separately in 1 cup hot water and pour in a square dish.

Jello 6

When cool, place in the refrigerator to set. Cut it into small squares and place all in a bigger square dish.

Jello 4

Take gelatin in a small bowl and add ½ cup room temperature water. When it blooms, add 1 ½ cups boiling water and stir till gelatin dissolves. Add condensed milk and mix well. When the mixture is cool, add to the cut jello dish. Refrigerate overnight to set. Cut and serve.

Jello 5

Multiple designs can be made with jello. If you add slightly warm condensed milk mixture to the cut jello, the multi colours will melt slightly and a wavy pattern will form.

Jello 2

Jello in a glass: Pour few tablespoons of green jello into the glass and keep it tilted using a muffin tray. Keep in the refrigerator to set for approx. 1 hr. When set, add few tablespoons of condensed milk mixture and again keep the glass tilted. When it too sets, keep the glasses straight and add the red colour.

Jello 3


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