Nellikka Wine (Gooseberry Wine)

Nellikka wine 1

A wine for hair growth!!

Nellikka Wine (Gooseberry Wine)

2 kilos gooseberry
1 kilo jaggery
6 cloves
1 pc (3”) cinnamon

Choose small gooseberries as they will yield more juice. Clean and wipe gooseberries dry.
Crush jaggery.
In a big glass jar or “bharani”, layer gooseberries and jaggery alternately ending with jaggery.
Add cloves and cinnamon in between.
Close tightly and leave it undisturbed for 40 days.
Strain the wine into clean glass bottles without crushing the nellikka.
Try not to disturb any dirt or scum that would have settled at the bottom of the jar.

Nellikka Wine 2


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