Yogurt Ice-cream Pearls

Yogurt ice cream pearls

Yogurt Ice cream Pearls

So simple and fun to eat!! You can make with plain yogurt or with fruit puree added…use your imagination as per your kid’s taste preference….
This doesn’t have an ingredient list or a specific method. Basically you just mix yogurt and sugar in a small bowl. You get a thick consistency if the yogurt is tied in a muslin cloth and hung for few hours. You can either add few spoons of fruit puree or a drop of food colour.
Spoon the mixture into a corner of a zip lock pouch. Snip the edge with a scissor and squeeze out small droplets on to a parchment covered plate or tray that fits your freezer.
Put the plate in the freezer for a few hours till the drops are frozen. Once frozen, store them in another container.


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