Fish Sayadieh

Fish Sayadieh

Fish Sayadieh

2 large fish fillets cut into 3-4 pcs
½ cup corn flour
Salt and pepper

2 cups basmati rice or any white long grain
1 tsp cinnamon powder
1 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp all spice powder
½ tsp black pepper powder
2 large onions sliced
3-4 cups water or any stock
1 cube tastemaker –optional
4 tbsp + 2tbsp olive oil
3-4 tbsp fried onions and nuts (almonds or pine nuts etc)

Wash rice and keep aside in water for 20 mins.
Wash and pat dry fish fillets. Sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides.
Cut into required size pieces. Roll in corn flour to coat all sides well and keep aside.
Heat a large pan with tight fitting lid (that can be used for frying fish as well as cook rice).
Add 4 tbsp oil and fry fish on medium heat till both sides are brown and ¾ cooked.
Remove fried fish to a plate.
Add 2 tbsp oil more to the same pan and saute onions till golden brown. Keep 2-3 tbsp aside.
Add 3-4 cups boiling water or stock, all spice powders and salt to taste.
Add rice and stir.
Lower the heat to bring to a simmer and close with the lid.
Cook for 8 mins, By now the rice will be almost cooked with very little water left.
Open the lid and spread fish pieces on top. Close again and cook for max 5 mins more.
Take off fire and leave aside for 10 mins.
To serve, remove fish pieces to another plate and spoon rice to a serving plate. Place fish pieces back on top of rice.
Garnish with fried nuts and onions.
Serve hot.

Fish can be fried completely and served with rice instead of placing in the rice pan midway of cooking rice.


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