Gooseberry / Amla Candy

Amla Candy

Gooseberry / Amla Candy

½ kg amla (16-20 nos)
350 gms sugar

Boil water in a large pan (enough to cover amla).
Add amla and let it boil for 2 mins. Switch off flame and leave amla in water for 2 more mins.
Remove amla from water and let it cool.
Cut into pieces and remove seeds (can be done easily)
Place amla pieces and sugar in a clean large bowl. Mix slowly and leave aside for 3 days.
Stir once every day. Amla will start to float in sugar syrup.
On 4th day, amla will settle down at the bottom of the bowl.
Remove with a slotted spoon and sundry for 2-3 days.
Coat with granulated sugar or powdered sugar or leave as is. (I did not coat with any sugar…its sweet enough)
Store in an airtight container and enjoy all year long.


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