Paal Payasam –Pressure Cooker Method

Paal Payasam

Very simple to prepare and takes only few ingredients!

Paal Payasam –Pressure Cooker Method
Serves 3-4

¼ cup basmati rice (see notes)
5 cups full fat milk
¾ – 1 cup sugar
5 whole green cardamoms
1 tbsp ghee

Wash the rice nicely till water runs clear.
Add all ingredients in the pressure cooker and stir to mix.
Cook on medium flame for 20 mins or for 4 whistles.
Open the cooker only when pressure releases.
The nice should be cooked very soft and milk should acquire light cream colour, otherwise close and cooker and cook for few more minutes.
Discard the whole cardamoms.
Serve warm or cold.

If using broken rice or matta rice, soak in water for half hr)
Can use saffron for flavor and garnish with nuts…put the simple form is best!


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