Grapes Wine

Grape Wine

Grapes Wine

1 kilo dark black grapes (Indian variety)
2 kilos sugar
3 bottles water (measured in 750 ml bottle)
½ tsp yeast
1 egg while beaten stiff
7 cloves
1 no. 3”pc cinnamon

Boil and cool the water.
Dissolve yeast using ½ cup boiled water and a tsp of sugar.
Wash the grapes and lay on a towel so it becomes dry.
Add it to a large glass jar or porcelain jar preferably with a narrow mouth.
Add sugar, water, cloves, cinnamon and yeast.
Stir till sugar dissolves. Don’t crush the grapes.
Add the beaten egg white on top and seal tightly. (Don’t stir after adding egg white).
Keep it undisturbed for 40 days. (yes…you don’t have to stir everyday)
Strain and pour into bottles. Don’t crush the grapes while straining.

If you don’t get dark grapes, add 2 tbsp of caramel to the wine before dividing into bottles.
Don’t crush the cloves and cinnamon before adding.

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