Grapes Jam

Grape Jam

A little effort and you can make sure your kids eat preservative free food whenever possible. Making jams is not difficult at all. Since no preservatives are added, store these in refrigerator.

Grape Jam

1 kilo black grapes
1 kilo sugar
4 cloves

Clean and separate each grape from the bunch.
In large pan add the grapes and ¼ cup water and heat for 8-0 minutes or until the grape skins start to burst.
Take off fire and let it cool.
Pick out seeds and discard.
Pulse the grapes along with the skin in a blender and transfer to the same pan.
(If you don’t prefer skin in your jam, strain the pulp through a mesh and rub with a spoon to get maximum pulp).
Add sugar and cloves and keep stirring till all water evaporates and a jam consistency is achieved.
To test if jam is ready, take a glass of water and drop little jam. If it dissolves while going down, it is not yet ready. If it touches down in one piece and remains so, it is time to take off fire.
Cool and transfer into glass jars. Discard cloves.
Store in refrigerator.

Grape Jam 1