Inji Mittai /Ginger Candy

Ginger Candy

Inji Mittai /Ginger Candy

250 gms sugar
250 gms jaggery
250 gms ginger
3 tbsp water
2 pieces of butter paper

Add crushed jaggery, sugar and water into a pan.
Heat on medium flame till sugar and jaggery melts.(will not become a clear syrup)
Meanwhile cut ginger into small pieces and make a paste in the blender.
Transfer the ginger paste into a non-stick pam.
Sieve the sugar/jaggery into the ginger paste and mix well. (If there are no impurities in jaggery, no need to sieve)
Keep on high flame and mix well. The mixture will be dark brown in colour.
Keep stirring for approximately half hour. The mixture will become reduced and sticky.
At one stage, you will see the mixture suddenly changes from dark brown to very light in colour. (almost white as compared to its original colour)
Transfer to a butter paper and spread a little.
Immediately place the other butter paper on top and roll with a chapathi roller to obtain even thickness.
Cut into small cubes or whichever shape you prefer before it cools down completely.
Separate the pieces and let cool completely.
Store in airtight glass jar.

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