Wheat Flour Palappam

Wheat Palappam

Wheat Flour Palappam
Adapted from lifescoops

2 cups atta/wheat flour
4 tbsp rice flour
4 tbsp desiccated coconut
½ tsp yeast
1 tsp sugar
Salt to taste

Take rice flour in a small pan and add ½ cup water and mix well.
Heat the mixture and keep stirring till it forms a soft paste.
Take off fire and cool.
Take ¼ cup warm water and add yeast and sugar and keep aside for 2 mins to ferment.
Grind coconut with little water to make a paste.
In a large pan, whisk flour, coconut paste, rice flour paste, yeast, salt and enough water to make a batter. (like normal appam).
Keep aside for 6-8 hours to ferment.
Heat a pan or ‘appachatti’ and brush little oil.
Add a ladleful of batter and swirl the pan. Cover and cook for few minutes till appam is cooked and side is crispy.
Serve hot with curry.
Preferably serve as soon as cooked, it becomes soft when cold, but still tasty and healthy!

Notes: Original recipe uses rava/semolina to make the paste instead of rice flour. Will try next time.


Pallappam / Vellappam (Hoppers)

Palappam 1

Palappam /Vellappam

A foolproof recipe to make the softest appam…
Earlier, appam was a tedious process for me….making a paste of grinded rice over fire, waiting for it to cool and then grind along with the rest of the rice…now it’s so simple with cooked rice.

You can make appam either on a flat pan or an ‘appa chatti’.

2 cups raw white rice
½ tsp yeast
1 cup cooked rice (any)
1 tsp sugar
¼ cup fresh or dry coconut powder (I use dry)

Soak rice in water for 4-5 hrs.
In a glass, add ¼ cup warm water, sugar and yeast. Let the yeast rise.
Mix the rice and cooked rice. If you are adding cooked rice from the fridge, add some hot water so everything comes to room temperature.
Grind adding enough water to make a pouring consistency batter. Add yeast and salt to the batter and pulse a few times and pour into a large vessel. Let it sit for 6-8 hrs to ferment.
Just before making the appam, grind coconut using some of the batter. Add to the batter and mix well.
Pour a ladle full to a hot pan and cook covered for about one 1 minute or till bubbles appear all over the appam. Flip to the other side (though not necessary) and cook for few seconds more. Don’t flip the appam if you are using ‘appa chatti’. (No need to oil the pan if you are using non- stick pan).
Serve with curry of your choice. Few options are chicken stew, beef stew, egg roast and the best is Kadala curry (black chickpea curry).

Yes…you need only a handful of coconut per cup of rice.
I will update more detailed pictures if someone requests.