Meat Pie

Meat Pie 2

Meat Pie

There are many recipes out there for pie crust….with or without egg, with yogurt, with vinegar etc. The ratio of flour to butter or shortening is also very important. The perfect crust as made by professionals use ½ cup butter to 1 ½ cups flour.

But you get good results with 2 cups flour + ½ cup butter. (Just to be guilt free )

For crust:
2 cups all-purpose flour
½ cup cold butter
½ tsp salt
Ice cold water (keep half cup ready)

1 ½ cup minced meat cooked
1 large onion chopped finely
1 tbsp garlic chopped finely
1 tbsp ginger chopped finely
1 large tomato chopped
½ cup green peas (cooked)
½ cup capsicum chopped
2 tbsp barbecue sauce
1 tsp pepper powder
½ tsp oregano

Egg wash:
Mix 1 egg yolk + 1 tbsp water or cream

Meat Pie

Saute chopped onions, capsicum, garlic, ginger till onions are translucent. Add tomatoes, salt and pepper and mix well.
Add minced meat, green peas, barbecue sauce, oregano and saute till the mixture is almost dry.
Take off fire and let it cool a bit. In the meanwhile, make pie crusts.

You can make pie crust dough either with hand or a food processor. Of course, with food processor, the whole process takes less time. If you use hand to make the crust, work quickly and make sure butter doesn’t melt.
Add flour and salt to the food processor bowl.
Cut the butter into 8-10 cubes and add to the bowl and pulse till butter is chopped to small pieces. It’s ok if few big pieces remain.
Add ice cold water little by little and pulse. It should not become dough in the processor. Squeeze little with your hand and see if the dough holds shape.
If yes, tip the whole flour mixture onto a clean surface and gather to form a ball. Don’t over mix. (Control the temptation to add more water…the pie will not be flaky)
Divide into 2 and wrap in a cling wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour.
Brush little butter on a pie plate. (I used deep glass plate)
Keep the dough at room temperature for 5 minutes to make rolling easy.
Roll one piece of dough into 8” or 9”circles and carefully place on the pie plate. Flatten with your hands so sides are covered.
Put the filling on the pie and spread evenly.
Roll the other dough and place on top of filling.
Join the edges and use your thumb and forefinger to form curve shape.
Brush the surface with egg wash and make 3-4 small slits with a sharp knife to let the steam escape.
Bake in preheated oven at 170 degree Celsius for 35- 40 minutes. The top would have become a golden colour by now.
Cool a little before you slice and serve.

The butter should be very cold and should not melt during the process. Cut into cubes and freeze for a while before adding to the flour. You can even grate the frozen butter into the flour.
The water too should be very cold; preferably add ice cubes in it.

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