Spicy vegetable noodles

quick  noodles

quick noodles

A quick evening snack…

You can use either egg noodles or two packets of 2 min noodles.

2 pkts noodles
1 medium capsicum sliced
1 medium onion sliced
1/2 cup thinly sliced carrot
1/2 cup thinly sliced cabbage
2 garlic cloves chopped fine
red chilli flakes-1/4 tsp or according to taste
Salt to taste
Oil 2 tbsp

Boil noodles and drain. (Don’t use the spice mix that comes within the noodle packet)
Heat oil in a large pan and add garlic. Saute for some time.
Add onions and capsicum and stir fry on high heat. Add rest of the vegetables and stir for a few minutes. Add noodles, chilli flakes and salt. Mix well and serve hot.